Erlenmeyer Flask

product Overview:

The Bomex Brand Erlenmeyer flasks have a narrow mouth, tooled top finish, metric capacity scale, are thick walled and accommodate variety of stopper sizes and volumes depending on the flask chosen.


 Erlenmeyer Flask 25ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 50ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 100ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 125ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 200ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 250ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 500ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 1000ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 2000ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 3000ml Capacity

 554000  Erlenmeyer Flask 4000ml Capacity


 Erlenmeyer Flask 5000ml Capacity

 556000  Erlenmeyer Flask 6000ml Capacity



We have 70 skillful operators, 5 machine mechanics and 31 quality inspectors, total annual output capacity in design can reach 130 millions sets.



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