Banana Plug (both ends)

product Overview:

Alligator and banana clips are safe and easy for students to use. The connectors are soldered to the insulated lead wires and have a plastic sleeve to protect the contacts. The banana plugs are both stacking and cross patch. The flexible cords are plastic-coated to ensure added security for classroom use. Available in either black or red.

199-13 Banana plug cord, stacking/cross patch, 12" 

199-13-PK6 Banana Plug Cord, stacking/cross patch, 12", 3pcs Blk & 3pcs Red

199-14 Banana plug cord, stacking/cross patch, 18" 

199-14-PK6 Banana Plug Cord, stacking/cross patch, 18", 3pcs Blk & 3pcs Red

199-15 Banana plug cord, stacking/cross patch, 24" 

199-15-PK6 Banana Plug Cord, stacking/cross patch, 24", 3pcs Blk & 3pcs Red

199-16 Banana plug cord, stacking/cross patch, 36" 

199-16-PK6 Banana Plug Cord, stacking/cross patch, 36", 3pcs Blk & 3pcs Red

199-17 Banana plug cord, stacking/cross patch, 48"

199-17-PK6 Banana Plug Cord, stacking/cross patch, 48", 3pcs Blk & 3pcs Red




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